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Images - T Series Parallel Bevel Helical Reducer - Gearboxes
Tramec's T series is one of the most successful products in the TVT America range.Based on the six-sided precision machined modular gearcase used also by our series Z, the T range applies a matched & honed Gleason spiral-bevel gearset in the primary stage followed by one, two, or three High Capacity Helical Gear stages. Quiet, power dense, high ratio, maintenance free, and cool running 20,000 hours of maintenance free life is assured with synthetic gearlube.
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TVT America
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Product Description
Product Features:
Automated assembly machinery.
Shaft or Flange mount conveyor drives - Belt, Chain, Screw, Overhead Chain, and more.
Primary processing in agriculture, mining, food, plastics, textiles, etceteras.
Precision machinery requiring Servo Input, T is inherently low backlash.
Packaging Machinery - More torque & efficiency than worm gear drives in higher hp.
High Speed Manufacturing Equipment.

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